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Performances start at 3pm. 1pm on February 1st.
Free for children under 5. Call 914-325-1053 or read below for more information.
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there is no rescheduled date, a refund for this ticket may be issued at the option of the management.

More Information

Celebrating its ninth consecutive season, The Children's Theatre Company of Peekskill will present two musicals at The Ford Theatre in Peekskill on Saturday and Sunday, January 31, February 1, 7 and 8 2015 at 3:00pm.

The double musical treat, appropriate for children and adults, includes: The Ugly Duckling, Music & Lyrics by Frank Sanchez & Mehr Mansuri based on Original Story by Hans Christian Andersen; and Stone Soup, an adaption by Mehr Mansuri and Jill Bolstridge with Music and Lyrics by Frank Sanchez & Mehr Mansuri in collaboration with Lory Lazarus. The performance is located at The Ford Theatre, Peekskill Admin Building, 1031 Elm Street, Peekskill NY. Tickets are $10 per person and can be purchased above or at The Ford Theatre. For information, 914-325-1053 or download the press release.

Summary of shows

The Ugly Duckling:
Music & Lyrics by Frank Sanchez & Mehr Mansuri.
Based on Original Story by Hans Christian Andersen.
Adaptation by Mehr Mansuri and Jill Bolstridge.

The Ugly Duckling is a story of a plain-looking little bird (the Ugly Duckling) born in a barnyard. He is teased by the other ducklings and farm animals for being plain and ugly. As a result he runs away to live with a flock of wild ducks and geese, then with a cat and hen, but doesn’t feel welcome there either and wonders on till he eventually finds a flock of Swans who accept him. The Ugly Duckling is a story of transformation and courage under fire. The story teaches us to accept one another and to accept ourselves, and not other people’s perceptions of us.

Stone Soup:
Music and Lyrics by Frank Sanchez and Mehr Mansuri in collaboration with Lory Lazarus.
Adaptation by Mehr Mansuri & Jill Bolstridge

Once upon a time, somewhere in post-war Eastern Europe, there was a great famine in which people jealously hoarded whatever food they could find, hiding it even from their friends and neighbors. One day, a wandering group of gypsies came marching down the road towards the village asking to stay for the night. The townspeople, seeing them approach town, suddenly became very busy, for gypsies are often hungry. So they hid their food under mattresses or in barns. There followed a battle of wits, with the gypsies equal to the occasion. Stone soup? Why, of course, they could make a wonderful soup of stones...but, one must add a carrot or cabbage...some meat and so it went. What happens will amaze all - especially the townspeople!